An equity share of the Co-op is $400. This is not a membership fee or an annual payment; it is a one-time purchase of equity in the Co-op. The Co-op will re-purchase your equity (under the Terms of Member-Ownership) should you decide you no longer wish to be an owner. The entire household of the shareholder is entitled to the benefits of ownership for as long as your equity remains in the Co-op. Anybody who is at least 18 years old can become a member-owner.

West Chester Cooperates!

West Chester Food Co-op has partnered with local businesses that support the mission of a cooperative, and will offer deals and discounts to member-owners of the West Chester Food Co-op. Just show your member-owner card at participating businesses. Learn more…

Before the store opens you will:

  • Be bringing the West Chester Food Co-op one member-owner closer to opening.
  • Be part of the effort to strengthen our local food shed so we can have better access to local, healthy, fresh, delicious food.
  • Have a voice and a vote in the Co-op’s development and help decide how the store will serve the community’s needs.
  • Be part of building a community by creating a community owned business to serve a fundamental community need: access to good food.
  • Have access to West Chester Cooperates–our Member Benefits program which provides discounts/deals at local merchants with your Co-op membership card.

After the store opens you will:

  • Be a local business owner!
  • Be entitled to certain discounts and members-only programs in the store.
  • Receive annual distributions of store profits based on store patronage.
  • Be part of the governance of the business through voting and opportunities to serve on the board.
  • Be able to hang out at YOUR store and meet fellow member-owners-neighbors.
  • Be part of growing the local economy by keeping more food dollars in West Chester. The Co-op will hire local people, buy local food, and return profits to local people….no dollars siphoned off by investors outside of the community!