Everybody Needs Good Food

Community Benefits

Our Local Food Program benefits those in need in our community. We make subsidized Crawford Organics CSA subscriptions available (first come, first served) to community members on a pay-what-you-can basis. These are funded by our regular CSA susbscribers who have the option of adding a small amount on to their purchase when they sign up for a Crawford CSA, and also by Food Co-op member-owners and other community members who donate to make fresh local organic produce available to everyone. No means testing is involved; if you are interested in a pay-what-you-can subscription to Crawford Organics, click HERE. If you are signing up to become a regular Crawford CSA subscriber, please consider adding $20 to your subscription to help a family in need purchase a share of healthy local produce this season. You will be given the opportunity to do so before you hit the NEXT button on page 3 of Crawford’s order form. You can hear from some of the people who have been helped by pay-what-you-can on THIS PAGE. Please consider helping to spread the health and happiness of FRESH LOCAL ORGANIC to those in need in our community!

We are also linked to two hunger relief programs operated out of Holy Trinity. The Church’s Friday Night Supper program provides a hot sit down meal to anyone who is hungry every Friday. Act in Faith is also headquartered at Holy Trinity and runs a multi-denominational program to support those in need with housing, food, counseling, and other services. Our CSA program provides fresh local organic produce to these programs:

>  The Food Co-op donates our “host-site” share to Church programs

>  Any CSA boxes or Buying Club deliveries that are uncollected each week get diverted to Church programs.

>  Anything left in the Swap Box (see below) each week is sent to Church programs.

>  Our farmer donates “seconds” (blemished or less than perfect produce) to Church programs.

In 2017 our Local Food Program secured over $2,600 of fresh, local, USDA certified organic produce for Holy Trinity’s hunger relief efforts, providing densely nutritious and healthy food to those in need.



Good food means lots of fresh vegetables.  They are essential to a healthy diet but for those on a limited budget, cheap processed foods are more affordable and usually more accessible.  Many households in our Borough do not have an automobile and their primary access to groceries is whatever is walkable.  Our CSA program makes fresh healthy local certified organic produce available at a central walkable location in the Borough every Tuesday.  We have a number of families who would like to subscribe to the CSA but cannot afford to do so; we are offering Pay-what-you-can shares to them that are subsidized by other subscribers as well as the greater community.  Will you chip in to help a neighbor get access to healthy food for a season?  We are asking for $20 but please give whatever you can.  A share for a family of four for a season (eighteen weeks of veggies) costs $594;  together we can make this more affordable for families in need.

Chip in $20:

Chip in whatever you can:

Here are some comments from community members who have benefited from Pay-what-you-can:

“As a previous corporate employee no longer working in that income bracket, I am very appreciative of the assistance.  I am vegetarian and love organic food.  I was a CSA member of Crawford’s last year so I know how great Jonathan’s produce is.  Wait until you taste his carrots, cauliflower, and watermelon!!!  Thank you again.”

As a hard-working graduate student with almost no regular income, I have had to make many sacrifices, but eating healthy is not one of them. Unfortunately, this can be a substantial burden as a clean-eating vegan, financially and otherwise. I am so thankful that the West Chester Food Co-op was able to relieve some of that burden, so that I may focus on learning to be a competent counselor, fueled all the while by the most healthy and delicious vegetables. Thank you to everyone who made this possible! I’ll always remember this.”

“As the single mother of three growing children I strive to provide them with the best quality food possible.  Years ago we participated in a CSA as finances were different and we enjoyed not only the quality of vegetables but the variety.  I am so grateful to this local community for offering the opportunity to those of us that are not currently financially able.  I am truly grateful for your generosity and for having the program available.”

“My husband was laid off in December right before the holidays and has been having a difficult time finding a new position. Providing healthy fresh food to my family of 5 is very important to me and is not always easy to do on a very tight budget. I am extremely grateful for the assistance provided to my family to be able to take part in this CSA. I am hopeful that next year we will be in a position to provide assistance to another family. Thank you very much.”

“It made all the difference in the world for me to have access to fresh organic veggies as I am studying counseling and starting to work in the field for the first time. Eating a nutritiously balanced diet often gets put on the back burner when finances are slim, which leaves the body wanting more and the brain without it’s fuel. Thank you to all who made it possible for me to eat well in this very important time in my life.”