How our Co-op is different from other grocery stores and businesses


Our Store will be different:

Local Focus. Local is not our marketing slogan, local is our reason for being.

Ownership and Affordability. We exist to serve our Member-owners; our decisions are your decisions; our goals are your goals; our bottom line is your bottom line..

Transparency, Information and Education. Know where your food comes from, how it was produced, and why you should care.

Respect for the source. Farmers are not nameless links in the supply chain—they are the foundation of our food system.   We treat them that way.


Our Mission is different:

Promote healthy and mindful eating.

Improve access to sustainably produced food.

Help those in need to secure quality food.

Promote sustainable agriculture and support local farms.

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Cooperation is different:

Cooperative economic activities reinforce the values of social justice, ecological sustainability, cooperation, mutualism, democracy, and innovation.  Cooperation strengthens our community through the bonds that arise by working together towards common goals.