Here is a list of great resources about co-ops.

logo-Food-coop-initiativeFCI is a USDA funded non-profit dedicated to enabling faster and more efficient start-up for new retail grocery co-ops.  They provide intensive technical and financial assistance to groups developing food cooperatives in their community.




KDC is the USDA rural cooperative development center for our region. They provide education, training, technical, and funding assistance for co-op start-ups.




A trade association for retail food co-ops. They provide business services and help unify food co-ops in order to optimize operational and marketing resources and strengthen purchasing power.



A consulting cooperative which provides assistance primarily to food co-ops. They focus on feasibility, planning, and implementation for start-ups as well as governance for consumer cooperatives.



logo-coopgrocerCGN is a trade association which aims to strengthen retail food co-ops by a creating an online community of cooperators who can develop and share resources and best practices.



A consumer website developed by the National Cooperative Grocers Association.




ICA is the international custodian of cooperative values and principles.  They are a global advocate for the interests and success of co-ops.



NCDF is a cooperatively owned community-development loan fund committed to fostering economic democracy by investing in cooperative enterprises.


logo-cultivateAn online hub for sharing knowledge and resources on cooperatives, as well as a space to practice cooperation and build educational tools for the co-op community.



A non-profit dedicated to democratic, community-based economic development, especially cooperative development.



logo-nbca  Development, advocacy, and education for cooperative enterprises worldwide.